Billboard Advertising is a time-tested method of promoting your business or event to  increase the bottom line. It is the most economical way to advertise versus newspaper, radio and television which is extremely expensive. You can advertise on a billboard for just $20 a day reaching thousands of potential customers. With over a century of history, Outdoor Advertising on billboards has proven to be the most effective and cost effective way to advertise your business.

Sign Me Up offers both digital and static sign faces. Digital billboard advertising gives you instantaneous ability to change your ad (s) on a daily basis and the possibility of rotating several ads in your leased time slot keeping your message fresh. The Sky is the limit with digital billboards. For example: restaurants can advertise breakfast, lunch and dinner specials that change throughout the day. A business can advertise “Now Hiring” on one ad, and then promote products/services on the next. 

Static billboards give you 24/7 coverage of your business to consistently reach current and prospective customers with your message. This is a proven way to build your brand and company image.


With various locations to choose from, we have the perfect location for your ad campaign!

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Static billboards are the only form of media that offer constant 24/7 exposure that cannot be turned off, thrown away, or ignored. That is why this form of advertising is very effective at creating brand awareness and market dominance for your business.


Digital billboards are computer-controlled electronic displays with technological capabilities that are taking out-of-home advertising to the new level. Digital signs provide flexibility to change your message as often as you want. Your approved ad is uploaded and displayed instantly without the cost of a new billboard vinyl. Without a doubt, Digital Signs have brought the Time Tested method of Outdoor Advertising to the Modern Age.


12th & Washington St.

14th & Washington St.

Calumet & 29th St.

Calumet & 36th St. - Inbound

Calumet & 36th St. - Outbound

Rapids & Expo Dr.

10th & Buffalo St.

Calumet & 26th St.

Calumet & 29th St.

Calumet & 39th St. - Inbound

Calumet & 39th St. - Outbound

Rapids & Expo Dr.

Calumet & 41st St. - Inbound

Calumet & 41st St. - Outbound 


Hwy 57 - 1/4 Mile s/o Cty. Hwy C

Hwy 57 - 1/4 Mile s/o Cty. Hwy C

Hwy 23 & Sunset Rd. NEW

Hwy 23 & Willow Rd.

Hwy 23 & Willow Rd.

Hwy 23 & Sunset Rd. NEW

Hwy 23, East of Hwy 67 NEW

Hwy 23, East of Hwy 67  NEW


14th & Washington St. - Inbound

14th & Washington St. - Outbound

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