Projecting Signs

  •  Backdrop Banners

  • Advertising Banners

  • Birthday Banners

  • Church Banners

  • Double-sided Banners

  • Graduation

  • Mesh

  • Outdoors

  • Trade Show

  • Wedding

  • School

  • Retractable

  • Event

  • and more!

Looking for a more permanent solution to accentuate your next high-quality banner? Check out all the wonderful things we can create with signs.

Projecting signs are designed to increase visibilty and protect your message. There are a variety of projecting wall brackers and face materials available to provide you with your desired look. Brackets can be nostalgic or sleek, and faces can be carved or printed. Sign Me Up's projecting signs offer a new dimension to the traditional wall sign. So let your sign be seen from a new perspective with a projecting sign.