Cabinet Signs

Cabinet Signs are large signs that can be non-illuminated or internall illuminated by many methods including LED, Flourscent, Bulbs, Neon, Etc. They are generally rectangular in shape, but Sign Me Up can create a cabinet sign in almost any custom shape. 

Cabinet signs can be single-sided (only one side of the sign lights) or double-sided (both sides of the sign light). While the most recognizable use of cabinet signs is single-sided, mounted flush to a wall, they can also be mounted to a pole, on a base, perpendicular to a wall, and in many other ways.

The faces of a cabinet sign can be any number of types:

  •  Routed and Backed

  • Vinyl

  • FCO

  • Push Thru

  • Exposed Neon

  • Channel Letters

  • And More!